How to use this wikitemplate in your wiki
  1. Create a template called Template:Documentation (or any name you like) in your wiki and copy-paste the following wikitext:
    | param1 = {{{param1|}}}
    | param2 = {{{param2|}}}
    | param3 = {{{param3|}}}
  2. Replace param1, param2, etc. with the real parameter names of this template (see documentation below). You don't need to do all, only the required ones (if any) and the ones you're interested in.
  3. Replace {{{param1|}}}, {{{param2|}}}, etc. with the parameter names that you want for your local wiki. You can change these parameter names to your liking, translate them to your language, and set default values using the pattern: {{{param1|default value}}}
  4. Save the changes and you're ready to go!
Template documentationedit

Use this template to create documentation pages for templates (like the one you're looking at right now!).